Using Poker Bonuses

Understanding How Poker Bonuses Work

Using Online Poker Bonuses are sometimes not as straightforward as they sound. Here we are going to break it down so every one can fully understand it.

First Off, poker bonuses are only available for new players when they are first signing up for their new account. This is an introductory welcome bonus option new players have to begin there success with online poker. These first time bonus options are usually an instant bonus or a deposit bonus that can be obtained with a bonus code for that specific poker room. Sometimes these bonuses are combined as one. You get an instant cash bonus and a deposit bonus. An example of this would be the Titan Poker bonus code. Titan Poker gives you $25 instantly plus a 200% up to $2000 deposit bonus at signup. This is the ideal kind of sign up bonus that players look forward to most.

Now once you use the bonus code during your sign up and complete the new account sign up process your account is now enabled for the bonus promised with the bonus code. If you were suppose to get a $25 instant bonus that will be shown in your account right away. If you were suppose to get a 200% up to $2000 deposit bonus then your account is now enabled to receive this bonus. The way the deposit bonuses work is this…

the “200% up to $2000″ statement means that the given poker room will match any deposit you make by 200% all the way up until you accumulate a total of $2000.

So to break this down further. If you deposit $100 of your own cash you will receive $200 free from the poker room. So a $100 deposit will actually give your account $300!

Now, the poker room will continue to match your deposits by 200% until they have gave you $2000 in free cash. Once they have matched you all the way until $2000, they stop matching any of your personal deposits. That’s the breakdown of using Poker Bonuses. We hope this will help you as a guide for understanding the bonus code statements online every where. We recommend you stay up to date with online poker news here.

Happy Gaming!